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Thomas McNeice

Thomas McNeice

For Thomas McNeice, Undiscovered was a chance to get back into song writing and collaborate with old friends: ‘I wanted to start composing music again. After a few years of producing, composing had unintentionally taken a backseat. I got together with my talented friend Rob so he could try out some lyrics, and the two of us worked on melodies. Then I got in touch with Janine for vocals. I knew her voice would really suit the tracks, and once she sang on them they all started to make sense and take shape.’

A wash of textured electro-fused sounds with organic and orchestral elements, Thomas’ music takes inspiration from a myriad of genres. ‘The only thing that determines what I listen to is my mood. It can be jazz or classical one day and then metal the next. Listening to an eclectic mix keeps me on my toes. It ensures that I carry on creating tracks which are fresh and exciting.’

It’s a very anthemic sound

Half Alive

Jesse Walton

Jesse Walton

Writing for film and TV has been a lifelong ambition for Jesse Walton. Influenced by Thomas Newman’s score for The Shawshank Redemption and taking inspiration from everything he’s ever listened to, his tracks are ‘an ambient blend of folk and country music, which are all about driving banjos and infectious melodies.’

Jesse’s musical endeavours started at aged four, when he began learning to play the piano. Since then, he has picked up the guitar, drums and a whole host of other instruments, as well as a degree in music. Keen to forge a career in music, Jesse submitted his tracks to Undiscovered: ‘It was a great experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of producing mix-downs of specific lengths and timbres.’

His focus for the future is experimentation: ‘I’ve been trying my hand at writing orchestral music and I’m hoping to get the chance to work with young filmmakers. I’ve also been trying out some contemporary styles, and writing commercial tracks with drum machines and distorted, reverb-heavy guitar. On top of that, I’ve been working on a short instrumental acoustic guitar track, so expect to hear plenty of new and diverse material in the coming months.’

I’m fascinated by music

Don't Go Away

Pink Jade

Pink Jade

Sam and Josh Telford’s family live and breathe music. Born to parents who met in a record store, singer-songwriter Sam and mix engineer Josh formed Pink Jade after meeting Jordan Smith at a music festival in their native Australia.

The band is releasing three songs on Undiscovered #006: ‘Swing’, ‘Burning on Through the Night’ and ‘In the Sea.’ Sam said of the tracks, ‘the approach changed with each song as it does with most writing. We are constantly trying to push ourselves in different directions, otherwise complacency can really settle in – this is why our three songs sound so different. Our main goal is to be diverse, fresh and listenable, so that there is something for everyone.’

Ultimately, they’d love to see their music featured ‘at the most dramatic part of a TV show.’ As Sam explains, ‘There was this moment on the OC where 'Hide and Seek' by Imogen Heap started playing when Marissa shoots Trey, and it was absolute perfection.’

Over the next few months, they’ll be heading out to Nashville, LA and the UK to see and work with far-flung friends.

We try to push ourselves


Jerome Alexander

Jerome Alexander

Jerome Alexander creates musical soundscapes by interweaving acoustic guitar, piano, electronics, ethereal samples, strings and hushed vocals.

After an early setback in his music career, Jerome decided to take matters into his own hands. ‘When I was about six or seven I wanted lessons from a local guitar teacher, but was told my hands were too small! So instead we basically mucked around with synths, samplers and shouting into microphones before putting together an insane prog-epic tape.’

Shortly after the ‘prog-epic tape’ he moved on to bigger and better things. ‘Then I started teaching myself guitar and experimented with an old 4-track when I was a bit older. The experimentation and gear-collecting has continued ever since.’

His passion for experimentation comes through on these songs, which feature ‘glitchy drums, synths and ethereal vocals, while focused on imagery with a cinematic feel and sense of urgency.’

Writing should be a cathartic process